“To the mind that is still, the entire universe surrenders.”

—Lao Tzu

Starting fresh starts here and now.
Practicing mindfulness tunes us into the present moment as we drop anchor in the comforting quiet.


Ever get the feeling you’re white-knuckling through the day? Or wake up wishing there’s more of you to go around? Needing the external world to line up in a certain way in order to be happy can have the opposite effect. We’re left in a constant state of feeling stuck.

Change is possible at a cellular level when we access time-tested strategies for negotiating life experiences. Through mindfulness, you’ll learn to step outside of the habitual way you relate to stress, pacing yourself through it instead. Whether it’s work or family or loss or money or you-name-it. Rather than being overwhelmed, stressed out, and distracted, you’ll cultivate the ability to ground yourself in the moment – to be more curious, more kind, and deeply present.


In our day-to-day lives, we’re so quick to judge ourselves – as parents, partners, friends, co-workers, and leaders. And when that Inner Critic is on a roll, we go right along for the ride. With self-compassion training, we grow courage to examine habits of resistance and resource our well-being. Living befriended is a relationship with the very core of ourselves that’s built on contingency-free support. And research is quick to remind us that self-compassion is a skill anyone can learn.