About Sabrina Vogler, CPC, CEC, CGSS

Sabrina Vogler is a Certified Professional Coach, Executive Coach, Grief Specialist, and widely recognized expert in mindfulness and self-compassion. She has worked with thousands of individuals across the globe, including C-Suite executives, human service professionals, educators, parents, and entrepreneurs. Since beginning her career in 1995, Sabrina served as a licensed master social worker in hospice and other medical settings. A formal student of mindfulness since 1999, she was the first in her field to bring the life-changing practice of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) into the coaching space after training with MSC co-founders Dr. Kristin Neff and Dr. Chris Germer at UC San Diego Center for Mindfulness. Sabrina is also a licensed facilitator for the internationally acclaimed Desire Map program and holds credentialing with Dr. Brené Brown’s leadership company Brave Leaders Inc. In addition, she is a published magazine contributor, keynote speaker, and member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School Affiliate McLean Hospital. Sabrina’s private practice at Heart in the Moment Mindfulness Coaching, LLC offers Mindfulness-Based Self-Alignment Coaching for transforming stress into self-supported calm. She is a mother of twin boys and resides in Rochester, NY.

*Please note that Mindfulness Coaching is not a service that includes licensed social work.


  • “Sabrina, it is amazing to be around someone who is so authentic and congruent - a superb role model.”
  • “I so appreciate the wide range of techniques and approaches . . . This has helped me in my own life when I am feeling overwhelmed with tasks and in my interaction with children. Thank you!”
  • “I truly feel the best gift I've received is the privilege of working with Sabrina. She has helped me through many things I have struggled with my whole life, as well as seeing that ‘I'm not the only one.’ She is kind, caring, authentic and very knowledgeable. The environment she provides is warm and welcoming. I can honestly say I feel such a positive change in my life since I've starting my coaching sessions with her.”
  • “Sabrina has a beautiful presence, is an excellent listener, and makes sharing very safe and supported. She is clearly very knowledgeable and well-read. She is genuine and approachable.”
  • “Thank you for positively changing the way I am with myself in the world!”
  • “Sabrina is kind, compassionate, and listens patiently— offering suggestions and techniques to deal with the situation. She helped me tremendously cope with my grief after my daughter’s loss.”
  • “Mindfulness Coaching has helped me remove myself from the stress and unpredictability of my day as a nurse. I have found peaceful moments to practice mindfulness and self-compassion.”
  • “Sabrina, in my opinion, is able to find the perfect balance of allowing space for self-inquiry and exploration, while appropriately tying in the science and logic.”
  • “Thank you for your time and inspiration.”
  • “I’m excited to use what I’ve learned and share it with others.”
  • “Sabrina has a unique ability to listen deeply and respond in a safe, caring, nonjudgmental way. I am deeply grateful for your kindness, openness and wisdom!”
  • “Mindfulness Coaching has provided me an essential tool in coping with work stress. It’s helped strengthen my relationships with my co-workers and my perceptions to how the mind deals with adverse conditions.”
  • “Sabrina is an expert— she embodies the material and the wisdom; she’s also a gifted communicator.”
  • “So uplifting— I could go on and on!!”
  • “Sabrina opens and welcomes emotions, feelings, experiences without judgment and with compassion. . . This experience was life changing for me and I will be forever grateful for her gift.”
  • “Tremendous gratitude for your journey that has contributed to my ability to increase my faith, hope and trust in my changes.”
  • “Sabrina is enchanting and a wonderful teacher.”
  • “Your own example of presence and mindfulness speaks volumes beyond what any theory about Mindful Self-Compassion could offer.”
  • “Sabrina’s ability to be a ‘committed listener’ and provide feedback on what she has heard, then to ask questions in a relevant inquiry is truly masterful.”
  • “My soul feels nourished, nurtured, fed, renewed, more capable. Thank you!”
  • “Sabrina listens with full attention and curiosity, seeking clarity where necessary. I am most impressed with, and in awe of, Sabrina’s modeling of what she teaches.”
  • “Sabrina has a rare gift.”
  • “You are deeply appreciated. Thank you for generously sharing your light.”